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Are you interested in a job where you can be mediocre, lie all the time and make lots of money? Become a politician!

A politician is an elected or assigned government official. They legislate, address problems with public services, make speeches, engage in debates, say things like ‘stay the course,’ and wage war, ostensibly all for the people they represent.

Observations of the symbiosis between Wall Street and the elite super-rich with lobbyists and politicians suggests that the governing system is systemically rigged towards corruption.

Hence, conceding to a Faustian bargain is unavoidable if one is to ensure a successful career in politics.

It’s as indisputable as requiring air to breath, that politicians irrespective of party affiliation are corrupt. Their function is not to heed the needs of the constituency, but rather to favor corporate interests so as to amass money, fame and power.

Creating meaning from nihilistic despair

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As a seasoned clinician and survivor of complex trauma, I’ve come to understand trauma as any situation in which an individual is not prepared to effectively fit into one’s schema a threat to one’s life and integrity.

In the case of complex (child abuse, domestic violence, human trafficking, medical trauma…

Sanctimonious clothing etiquette

The African Union Mission in Somalia (Source) Public Domain, CC0

In August 2017 a collective of women gathered on the Algerian beach of Annaba to protest the ruling of Islamist conservatives that Muslim women cover themselves with a hybrid swim suit known as the burkini. At any rate, that’s the story that was circulated.

It turned out that the foreign media outlet’s spin on this bikini rebellion was more politicized hype than substance.

Ironically, proclamations defending secularism and Muslim women’s civil liberties mobilized burkini and hijab bans throughout Europe. Seems the regulating of Muslim women’s bodies has simply taken on different branding.

Lest we forget, freedom implies having the autonomy to choose. Regarding bans of female Islamic clothing as acts of liberation is just as disconcerting as sanctifying the concealment of a woman’s body.

Indeed, policing bodily autonomy by imposing so called liberal dress codes continues to be just another form of patriarchal control.

Breaking through the fog of confusion

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When American social psychologist Leon Festinger (1956) read about a cult’s fixation with the end of the world due to an apocalyptic flood predicted by extraterrestrials, he embarked on an empirical study to explore the believers' reactions to the inevitability of having their prophecy discredited.

Festinger discovered a surprising trend…

Rev. Sheri Heller, LCSW

NYC Therapist & Author. Complex Trauma & Addiction. Dual citizen, traveler, lover of art and nature. I appreciate the absurd.

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